Valkron Tiren

A young, snarky Mithra male with a penchant for making off color jokes and a happy-go-lucky attitude..


Valkron has left his homeland on a singular quest of staying away from it – for as long as possible. His snarky and egotistic attitudes come from an inner desire to be allowed to live his life any way he sees fit, and has taken his current name as a way to leave his old life behind – along with all of its happenings. He is young but still feels quite a weight of age, having lived and done things that would age any sane or intelligent person. Being enlisted into the Crystal Wars by Robel-Akbel, the first person to really show him any kindness in recent memory, he decided to show fierce loyalty to the mage and went about his tasks. Valkron decided to use his companionship with Robel to ingratiate himself into the foundations of the Federation of Windurst and possibly set up a livelihood and new home. However; with the events surrounding the Shadow Lord’s death, he has been trans-placed once again, but his goals remain the same.
Valkron’s fierce loyalty is reserved only for those he deems worthy or cares for, giving little to no thought about those he holds no concern for. Constantly on the hunt for money and a new place to live, he uses every trick there is to gain fame, wealth, and power; craftily arranging for those who cross him or those he works for, to meet an untimely and immediate end.

Valkron has long, mottled black and silver hair, with little to no design on his fur. His coat is almost a grayish black with small stripes of eggshell white racing across it. He has a slight scar on his left cheek that weaves up to the corner of his eye and traces across his brow. The eye nearest the scar is grey while the other tends towards glacial blue. His left ear is missing a chunk from the bottom near his skull, and shows signs of stitching that never healed quite right.
Valkron is thin with a wiry kind of strength that leans towards stealth, and tends to wear light armors over heavy ones, as silence is a key concern.

Though best with short blades and throwing weapons – that depend on his skill rather than strength – Valkron is supremely adaptive to all forms of combat and non-combat. His life has taught him that to live means to be better prepared than your foe…and far more lethal. With this knowledge has come experience that has led him to certain conclusions about people and trust. Though loathe to believe people immediately, he watches them and makes decisions as to their character and vices, deciding with a certain intuitive genius as to the nature of their personality.

Valkron is a wiseass, with a snarky and cynical demeanor. He tempers these qualities with humor and pretended joviality, partitioning his twisted and sadistic nature inside until combat arises and he is able to let loose. However, he is singularly taken with the idea of justice and fairness in all things, going so far as to put his own life and well-being in danger to obtain his dimension of these aspects.

Valkron found a weird, weathered gun in the caves of and brought it back to Robel in Windurst. After examination, it was discovered that the gun had a word carved into it.

Valkron Tiren

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