Legendary Relics

These relics exist as forged by the dark god, Promathia and have survived the ages since the very beginning of Vana’diel. The relics themselves degrade and are destroyed between the passing of relic holders; the ones chosen to bear the ultimate burden of safekeeping them after finishing the process of creating them. However, they can never cease to exist as a whole, they are an enigma that will continue for eternity as they together seal Promathia to his eternal slumber.

It is currently set only to the holders on how one is forged, however they will always be discovered by someone in a more archaic, rustic form and found with scratched away letters of its former glory. Each relic holder is destined to be killed in battle by their own relic, at which point it will break apart and scatter upon the winds. If the relic itself is destroyed before the holder, the holder’s life will end nigh simultaneously upon the destruction of it as the two have become the very same being upon the relic’s completion into their soul.

Known Relic Holders and their Relic:
Lehko Habhoka with Claustrum
Lhu Mhakeracca with Guttler
Oggbi with Sphairai
Kilwch with Excalibur (Noted in Excalibur and Aegis)

Known destroyed Relics:
Aegis (also noted in Excalibur and Aegis)

Legendary Relics

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