Archduke Kam'lanaut


Kam’lanaut first arrived nearly a decade before the onset of war. He made his way into the small fishing town of Jeuno alongside his younger brother. The two looked as average as any other men looking to make a quick fortune. Kam’lanaut began introducing the ancient art of crystal synthesis to any passerby on the streets. The crystals were harvested after he had shown off their arcane magical properties and the techniques that could be used to create.

This caused a boom in the Jeunoan markets, becoming more efficient and much less expensive to forge metals, purify ore, and craft a myriad of materials for artisans. He began to use the art for more than just his own benefit, and taught his techniques to all that were willing to learn. The crystal synthesis resulted in a rapid industrial revolution that would lead Jeuno to rival Bastok in advancements of technology and it came as a surprise to no one when Kam’lanaut was selected to become the representative of Jeuno with immense financial backing.

Kam’lanaut’s first act as representative greatly disappointed the populace. He moved to spread the art of his synthesis to the three nations between the two continents. A move that would result in a sense of betrayal from the citizens. An angry crowd rallied in front of his very house until he emerged undaunted and explained that that sharing the secrets of Jeuno’s newfound wealth to insure the growing city’s safety. He then went on to reveal plans to build a tower that would reach the very heavens to solve Jeuno’s housing problems.

Artisans and craftsmen the world over began to gather in Jeuno to build the tower and became a driving force in the city’s development. A year later, a historical assembly was held with the San d’Orian king, the Bastokan president, and a representative from Windurst’s Parliament of Patriarchs. They expressed their thankfulness to Kam’lanaut and with their joint signatures, recognized Jeuno as a duchy, with Kam’lanaut as the archduke.

Archduke Kam'lanaut

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